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How very horrid is residence in the Masara country to
a sensible man I The niiest cloth (worn by the people) is the
ronzli woollen blanket : (the bed is- a rickety bug-infested cot,
vritli i. ehalhig-disii underneath, and drugs nearby to cure
rheiruiatism and indigestion. Bundles of fire-wood are heaped
up in the courtyards of houses) ; and mosquitoes and white-lice
;are everywhere) \13>

Alas I how did that adulterous Brahma create this Masara
country ! The people wear) dirty and coarse garments and
crooked turbaus and carry curved swords ; (they eat) thick
porridge mixed with a dish of jiite-leaves. Their looks are
crafty, and the speech is wrongly accented (14:).

is unknown; gentility and goodness are unreal;
truth and kindness are non-existent. (The people) show dis-
crimination in serving food (at dinner), and refuse to give even
alms to beggars. How can that Brahma who endowed the
people with, these qualities avoid being Prajapati? * (15).


Food : — Don't be conceited, 0 ! Destroyer of Cities, because
you devoured poison ; go to, go to ; eat a morsel of the bright
cooked-millet of Renadu : your heroism will indeed be put to
the test (16).

60  (d).    YYAPARIS OF THE "WEST.

We saw, on our way the cruel vyaparis (merchants) of the
west who filled our minds with abhorrence. They carried
with them bundles of paper, shells of ink, pens and paste
made of the tamarind seeds. Their cloaks diffused an evil
smell ; and their nether garments dyed with ochre reeked
with the odour of their sweat. They wore awe-inspiring beards,

spoke broken Canarese (17).

* Tfcere IT yun on th« word PrajSpati